Hire 8 tonne Excavator (Hitachi ZX85USB)

8 tonne Excavator Summary

The ZAXIS85USB is a short rear-end swing type Medium Excavator for productive job in narrow space. The body is nimble and agile, and has excellent operator visibility. When the front is swung to the left, operator’s field of view is widened significantly through the glass door window. The cab is full of new designs, including a multifunction monitor and functional controls, for pleasant operation. The ZAXIS 85USB is a fuel-thrifty machine too. The new electronically-controlled engine and fuel-efficient hydraulics enhance fuel-saving operations. The ZAXIS 85USB will be your trusted partner when the going gets tough.

Per Day Per Week (6 Days) Per Week (Long Term)
$400.00 $1,850.00 $1,700.00

Attachment Hire

Attachment Per Day
Auger and attachment $125.00
Rock hammer attachment $165.00
Float $400 Each Way (Sydney Metro). Call us for float rates to outer metro areas.
The Hitachi 8 tonne Excavator features:

Short rear-end swing type excavator
The ZAXIS 85USB is a short rear-end swing type excavator for productive job in tight space. The swing boom easily makes side ditching in width equivalent to the undercarriage. The machine can get the job done thanks to its big digging force and wide workings ranges.

9% Reduction in Fuel Consumption
The new engine is teamed up with an electronic governor to save fuel. Electronic-control acceleration makes possible precision engine control and fuel saving. Fuel consumption comes down 9 %* from the conventional ZX85USB-3. With a switch on the monitor, the operator can choose the ECO mode and the PWR mode. Select the ECO mode for fuel-efficient operation and the PWR mode for speedy, powerful operation.

Increased Front Speeds
The Hitachi hydraulic system has evolved even more to increase front speeds. Hydraulic lines and piping are streamlined to reduce resistance, increasing front speeds as follows.
Arm roll-out speed: 23 % up
Arm roll-in speed: 22 % up
Boom lower speed: 25 % up

New, Easy-to-Use Multifunction Monitor
The new multi-language, multifunction monitoring system is composed of a 7-inchhigh-resolution color monitor and a multifunction controller. The monitor allows the operator to check varying operating variables: oil temperature, fuel level, work mode, full-auto air conditioner, AM/FM radio, rear view monitor camera (optional), maintenance support, and attachment flow adjustment. Menu items can be selected and adjusted by a multifunction controller on the control panel.

ZAXIS85US Excavator specifications