Hire 3.3 ton Mini Excavator (Hitachi ZX33U)

3.3 tonne Mini Excavator Summary

The Hitachi ZX33U-5 mini excavator is a mid-sized machine in the Hitachi’s mini excavator range. Suitable for working on such projects as earthmoving, utilities and general construction, particularly where space is limited – they are fast, powerful and fuel-efficient. They are also extremely durable, thanks to several new design features, which have been incorporated by Hitachi to ensure that they provide an outstanding level of performance on any job site. The ZAXIS 33U mini excavator delivers excellent levels of availability, allowing you to bring every task to a satisfying conclusion – on time and on budget.

Per Day Per Week (6 Days) Per Week (Long Term)
$300.00 $1,400.00 $1,300.00
Float $350 Each Way (Sydney Metro). Call us for float rates to outer metro areas.

The Hitachi ZX33U is the most fuel-efficient and maneuverable mini excavator currently available world wide. With outstanding features, sturdy build and comfort, this is the excavator you need for any kind of job where you are working in tight spaces.

The Hitachi ZX33U Mini Excavator features:

Swift Action in Narrow Work Places
Short rear-end swing design allows for safe, confident operation in tight work areas. It has a rear-end swing radius of 875 mm

Excellent Controllability
The control lever provides excellent fine control and low-effort handling to reduce operator fatigue. It is ergonomically positioned for easy operation. The multi-monitor allows selection of ECO and PWR modes to control the motion speed.

Reduced Fuel Consumption
With an electronic accelerator, you can achieve precision engine control for fuel economy. To conserve fuel, select ECO mode, and to get more power, select PWR mode. In short, you can choose an optimum mode according to job needs.

Pleasant Operator Environment
When sitting in the operator station, the operator will not feel restricted. Cab door width increases by 80 mm for easy access and a better view of work place. The front windshield is enlarged for higher visibility. The foot step is lowered for easy access. A host of devices, including arm rests, drink holder and seat back box, enhance operator comfort.

Sturdy Operator Station
The rugged cab and 4-pillar canopy well protect the operator in case of tipping. They are ruggedly designed by the ROPS (roll over protection) standard. All the models are protected with the OPG** top guard against falling objects.

Sloped Track Frame Tops for Easy Mud Removal
Track frame tops are sloped to let mud slide away, curbing mud packing.

Rugged Box-Section Blade
The blade is box-section structure for higher ruggedness, and its stays have openings for easy flow-out of mud.

This excavator is available to hire daily or weekly (6 days), and can also be hired on a long term weekly basis if that is more suitable. Book this machine today starting at only $350 per day, or if you have questions please call us on 1300 00 HIRE