Hire 21 tonne Excavator (Hitachi ZX200)

21 tonne Excavator Summary

The Hitachi ZX200-5 and ZX210-5 excavators with TRIAS hydraulics deliver on five key points including durability, productivity, performance, comfort, and reliability. Providing fleet owners with a high-quality and efficient machine in even the most challenging conditions. The ZX200-5 and ZX210-5 provide operators with a safer, user-friendly work space, with significantly reduced fuel consumption. The machines are fitted with ConSite OIL onboard monitoring technology which not only helps to reduce maintenance but also helps to extend the life of the machine for the long term.

Per Week Per Month
$2,500.00 $9,600.00
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Key features of this 20 tonne Excavator

  • 17% reduction in fuel consumption (PWR mode vs ZX-3 P-mode)*
  • 25% reduction in fuel consumption (ECO mode vs ZX-3 P-mode)*
  • New TRIAS hydraulic system higher productivity and less fuel consumption
  • Attachment support system
  • Power-boost
  • Two additional spools


Sustainable efficiency
We are dedicated to the sustainable development of the Hitachi product range, particularly for use on urban job sites. Therefore, the new ZAXIS 200 is a sign of our commitment to minimizing the impact of construction machinery on the environment in compliance with EU emission control Stage IIIB.The ZAXIS 200 has been fitted with a muffler filter to capture air pollutants, which is automatically burnt thanks to an oxidation catalyst and exhaust temperature control. The variable geometry turbocharger and high volume-cooled EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) also help to reduce nitrous oxide levels. As well as reducing emissions, the ZAXIS 200’s Auto Shut-down helps to prevent fuel wastage and lowers the level of noise in the cab.In addition, all resin parts on the new ZAXIS medium excavator range are suitable for recycling and clearly marked for ease of use in this process.

Powerful efficiency
We are also focusing on finding the right balance between people, planet and profit. So, we have assessed the total cost of ownership for the new ZAXIS 200 to ensure that your new machine contributes to the profitability of your business.The powerful new-generation Stage IIIB-compliant engine in the ZAXIS 200 delivers higher productivity, with greater fuel efficiency and is fitted with state-of-the-art controls throughout all of the components. The TRIAS hydraulic system has also been developed to reach higher yields with better fuel consumption than the previous ZAXIS model.Hitachi medium excavators are renowned for their powerful and reliable performance, especially when there are daily targets and ultimate deadlines to meet on busy job sites. The latest range of ZAXIS models have been designed for increased productivity without burdening the environment through sustainable operations.

Higher level of performance
A smooth, fast and precise machine is every operator’s dream – and that’s exactly what the ZAXIS 200 offers. Our latest innovations have been developed specifically for the new generation of Hitachi medium excavators.The hydraulic boosting system and other hydraulic systems enable the arm roll-in speed to increase when the load is relatively low. Our tried-and-tested power-boost feature has also increased by 10%* to deliver an enhanced level of excavating performance.The versatility of the ZAXIS 200 may be evidenced by the attachment support system, with 11 modes that can be registered on the monitor for the easy fitment of different attachments. These two auxiliary spools are useful for attachments that require multiple, large volumes of oil flow.